Champion Greyhounds: Fast, Gentle, and Loving Companions

AKC and NGA-Certified American Racing Greyhounds

At ARK Kennels, we breed healthy greyhound puppies for companionship and amateur sport. A friendly sighthound will be a wonderful addition to your family.

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Your Next Pet Deserves a Healthy Start

The idea of adopting a purebred dog makes some people nervous. They have heard stories of health and behavior issues caused by poor breeder practices. No one wants to invest in a puppy that is not up to AKC standards.

At ARK Kennels, we hold our greyhounds in the highest respect. Our goal is to continue these magnificent bloodlines that stretch back two centuries. Greyhounds are athletic dogs with sweet dispositions. They love to run and chase, but they are equally comfortable relaxing indoors with your family.

By working with us, you will benefit from our broad knowledge of the breed and love for the animals. We want you to have a companion who is healthy and loving throughout its life.

Why Choose ARK Kennels?

Professional dog breeding requires more than the right facility. Healthy puppies come from breeders who are passionate about their animals. Some of the other reasons to work with ARK Kennels include:


We bring years of practical experience in breeding and nurturing champion greyhounds


We fully understand the needs of these unique sighthounds during their first weeks of life

Breeding plan

We carefully choose breeding animals that preserve the greyhound bloodlines without compromising their lifelong health

Focus on Health

We provide all the nutrition, affection, and veterinary care necessary for a healthy start


Our dogs naturally love to participate in the chase and are suitable for AKC Fast CAT and Lure Coursing competitions


Maintaining a calm temperament is part of the breeding process. You will love having a gentle friend in your home

Meet Breeder Allen Knight

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Allen Knight started his journey with greyhounds in high school while working at a local dog track over summer vacation. He raised his first puppy when he was 17 and has had at least one of these gentle companions ever since. He realized the need for intentional greyhound breeding as he watched the racing circuit decline over the past few years.

“I did not wish for the 200-year-old bloodlines of the American Racing Greyhound to become extinct or for others to miss the experience of a lifetime having the companionship of these intelligent, loving, loyal, 45mph couch potatoes.”

If you would like to know more about Allen’s breeding philosophy and practices, reach out to him today. He is always thrilled to talk about these marvelous dogs.


Our Healthy Puppy Guarantee

We guarantee that your puppy will be in good health with its puppy shots and a final exam by our veterinarian prior to the sale date. We encourage you to visit your own veterinarian within 25 days of the purchase to validate our health guarantee. If we do not receive a response from your veterinarian within 25 days, we will consider the sale final. If the veterinarian finds any health concerns that are congenital defects with this puppy, then the puppy will be exchanged for another puppy of equal value at once or as soon as one becomes available.

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Are You Looking for a Healthy, Happy Champion Greyhound?

ARK Kennel is ready to help you meet your new best friend. Contact us today


Despite their reputation for speed and energy, greyhounds are calm animals around the house. They are often content to lie quietly near your family members.

Healthy greyhounds typically live from 11 to 13 years.

Greyhounds are the fastest breed in the world. They are also sighthounds, meaning they love to chase fast-moving objects. Your pet should always be on a leash outdoors to prevent it from springing into traffic.

Greyhounds have very little body fat, so they can get cold very easily. They will be happiest living indoors with your family.

Healthy puppies come from healthy parents. Our breeding dogs receive comprehensive health checks to prevent genetic conditions. All our puppies receive the appropriate vaccinations.

Our animals are both AKC and NGA-certified. This qualifies them to participate in AKC competitions such as Fast CAT and lure coursing.

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